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Steven Arriagada is the first generation son of migrant parents. One of four children, one deceased. Steven grew up in the '90s in Springvale, an outer suburb of Melbourne's South East known as being the first stop for new waves of immigrants. Springvale was also known for its crime and violence in that same era and became the backdrop to Steven's rocky upbringing into young adulthood.


The struggle of living underprivileged within a marginalised community, losing a sister at a very young age, a relative in constant battle with the law, another sister's teenage pregnancy and the continuous exposure of drugs, violence and mental illness pushed Stevens' family to their limits.


Over the past seven years, Steven has honed his skills as a writer, director and producer whilst working in the camera and editing departments of film and television productions. Steven has won national and international awards for the short films he wrote, directed, and produced and had been nominated for an AACTA / AFI, Dendy Award, Script Pipeline (US), Arclight Films/Chinalight Pitch Competition as well as being shortlisted for the Australian Writers Guild, Monte Miller, Long Form Award. 


Steven has trained to be a TV showrunner under Louise Fox for Netflix/ABC Glitch Season 3 and has written episodes for TV series that will be announced in 2020, including a Claudia Karvan/John Edwards project for Stan. He has worked in development and  for Studio Canal and works in writers rooms as a crime/marginalisation consultant for renowned Australian production companies. Steven has also received funding for his projects through Film Victoria and Screen Australia.


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